Elefad aspires to be India's next global fashion brand, setting new standards in luxury fashion worldwide.



Our mission at Elefad is to empower women who embrace sophistication and class. We aim to provide them with clothing and fashion that exudes timeless elegance, celebrates their unique style, and encourages self-expression. We want every woman to feel confident, celebrated, and empowered through our collections. Our goal is to redefine fashion for the modern woman, offering elegant pieces that resonate with their individuality and elevate their sense of style.



Our vision at Elefad is all about celebrating the modern and classy woman. We're here to empower her with sophisticated clothing and fashion that speaks to her unique style and elegance. From timeless pieces to contemporary designs, we strive to curate collections that inspire confidence and celebrate individuality.

As we grow and expand, our focus remains on quality craftsmanship, attention to detail, and a customer-centric approach. We want every woman to feel celebrated and empowered through Elefad, making fashion more than just clothing—it's about expressing who you are with grace and confidence.

Our next step is to launch costume jewelry, bags, and footwear, followed by a men's collection in the future. Elefad aims to become a full-fledged fashion brand, offering a comprehensive range of products for both women and men. Join us as we redefine fashion for the modern woman and man, one elegant piece at a time. Welcome to Elefad, where style meets substance, and every garment tells a story of empowered elegance.