5 Ways To Wear A Basic White Shirt

by Tanisha Pratihast on May 17, 2022

5  Ways To Wear A Basic White Shirt

A white shirt is an important element of every wardrobe, either it is for a formal look or a casual party, a white shirt is a go to for all. Your shirt could be of cotton, Georgette, satin etc., it is all for a chic look or for a classic too. You cannot deny the fact that the elegance of a white shirt is un matchable.

Pair your shirt with trousers, you are ready for work. Have a pair of jeans, sneakers and your shirt and you are shopping ready, wear it like a over coat and you have a shrug. A white shirt is like water, mold it in any way and you have the best outlook.



Any neutral colour pant, or a light summery colour suit with shirt is a work ready peace. A white is like the classic toast to crack down any deal or customer, its like a ferry on a traffic road.

formal white shirt for women



May be a Sandow top or a slip dress for a beach or any casual fun is the best and layering it with a shirt is like the Gugu gaga for a catchy vibe.

 white shirt layering



A pair of denim jeans is like the parallel bar to white shirt. A good fitted denim or a stylish boyfriend jeans or a mom’s fit, with a good pair heel are like the characters of a fairy tale.

white shirt with denim



A skirt is never out of fashion, either 90’s or today, it is the best and, either it’s a day or night it goes all time. You can use any type of skirt to go along with your shirt. The look could be defined at the old school classic.

white shirt with skirt



What would summers be if there are no light shirt and shorts. Oh yes...!! a cool vibe check for any occasion either to a beach or for shopping a short and a white shirt is the best and pairing them with sneakers is like a look up to a chic.

 white shirt with shorts

Easy, comfortable and chic, Yaa that’s what a white shirt is like. Either it is 90’s or today a shirt is classic and is an essential element of every woman’s wardrobe. Its like a go to apparel for every occasion or outing. You wear it with anything you are really to fire.

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